Penis Candy Dishes

Filled Pecker Party Candy Dishes

A successful bachelorette party features atmosphere and snacks. Get both with the Pecker Party candy dishes, perfect for those end tables that still need a little something. You get three penis-shaped plastic dishes, each about 6 inches long and 3 inches deep. The big advantage here is that you get both the dishes and the candy to put in them: Chocolate Naughties (chocolate treats with penises printed on them), as well as penis-shaped fruit-flavored candies. 

3 Mini Snack Trays

Sadly, not every candy and snack can be shaped like a penis. So when you need goodies for a bachelorette party, you’ll need every bit of peninnovation you can muster. Start with mini snack trays, shaped like dicks. Pour in Fritos, now they’re Frito dicks! Popcorn becomes popcorn penises, and mints become after-dinner dongs. Each tray is divided into three sections: shaft/head, left ball, right ball. How delightfully droll.

Pink Penis Snack Trays

Put away the penis-shaped china serving dishes your grandmother gave you. Those are too fancy for the wild drunks who will be attending your next bachelorette party. Instead, use these 3 pink plastic trays that are so cute and distinctive that it’s inevitable that someone will slip one into her purse. That’s OK; they’re cheap and disposable so you’ll have plenty on hand for the occasion.