Penis Mints



Did you say something, Ms. Dragon Breath? I can’t hear you because I’m wearing a gas mask to filter the pollution wafting from your mouth. That’s true, the gas mask doesn’t cover my ears so, theoretically, I could hear you, but I choose not to because your breath stinks. Better reach for a PeckerMint. It tastes like an Altoid and they're packaged 50 to a tin. That’s better. I can hear you much better now.

Peppermint Peckers

peppermint peckers

Contained in undoubtedly the most distinctive package in penis candyland, these strong sugar-free mints give you everything you need: a great penis shape and a curiously penisy fresh mint taste. You get 20 mints in a snap-shut tin that promises “satisfaction plus fresh breath confidence.” Once the bachelorette party is over, you’ll keep a tin in your purse for those perfect penis breath mint occasions.

After Dinner Penis Mints

after dinner penis mints

Hello, dahling! May I offer you an after-dinner penis mint, with a rich, creamy fondant filling that gooshes in your mouth? Don’t be shy, my dear. There are 10 high-quality dark chocolate penis mints in each package. You’d like another? Well dig right in and… what? You want more? Listen, lady. You’re not the only one who enjoys delicious penis candy. Reach for one more of my penis mints and you lose a finger!

Where to Buy Penis Candy

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