Chocolate Penis Candy

Milk chocolate

milk chocolate penis

Back in the crazy 1970s, they actually sold ordinary rocks to people as pets through expert marketing and packaging. Well, they couldn’t afford the marketing to get you interested in a chocolate penis but the packaging on the Milk Chocolate Willie is top-notch. This solid-chocolate 4-inch 3.17 oz. penis candy is caged in a cardboard box that looks like it contains Mighty Joe Young. “Unleash the Beat!” and “Red Alert: Tickle Your Tonsils” are just a few of the messages on the box promoting the fun inside. The penis inside is one good-looking dick, with a distinct rounded head and a flawless shaft. It even features a broad base that allows the penis to stand proudly on its own. Highly recommended as both a decoration and a treat.

Small Chocolate Penis Sucker

small white chocolate penissmall black chocolate penis

Penis corn dogs would be the hit of the State Fair but, until then, we’ve got the small chocolate penis on a stick. Available in both white and black (not dark) chocolate, these three inch “suckers” actually taste good, so bachelorette party guests will be glad to have them. As you can see in the photos, the penis heads are bulging and authentic-looking, featuring a slightly different color than the shaft for easy recognition. A bachelorette treat that looks and tastes great is just what you’re looking for.

Giant Penis Marshmallow

marshmallow penis

Wait a minute, this isn’t chocolate! The sugar-coated marshmallow penis tastes like a Peep and is available in three colors: peach, light purple and brown. The mushroom head and raised candy veins will make you think you’re munching on the real thing. However, it refuses to get hard unless you leave it on the counter for a few weeks, which is not recommended. Even then, it’s more crusty than hard, which is not an adjective you want attached to your phallic representatives.

12 Bite-size Chocolate Penises

Available in both white and black chocolate, these are some of the most refined candy boners you’ll ever find. You’ll get a full load of elegance and sophistication in every penisy bite. Packaged in a nice clear box with gold-color elastic string, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. There are a dozen penises in the box, all with light brown heads and stubby molded balls. The yummy chocolate completes the experience with a creamy mouthfeel second to no other dick treats.

Where to Buy Penis Candy

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